• Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Steps of system restore and repair

    System Restore and System Repair is the basic and genuine setting which must be known by every user but most of the beginners are not aware with this setting so if they receive any error message due to file missing or not working properly than they feel headache and think that what to do to overcome the problem. They went to service center or hardware engineer and pay money for this simple settings problem so this article will help him/her to solve the problem with self.

    System restore is one of the best manual steps which is used to get the settings of the system as default. It is very helpful when user change the settings of the system manually and  due to this system gets slow, occurs different types of error codes, messages etc. Steps to system restore are given below so follow them-

    i) Click on Start (Windows logo)
    ii) All Programs
    iii) Accessories
    iv) System Tools
    v) System Restore

    vi) You will prompted for Yes or No so select Yes
    vii) Select the default restore and also give a path for restore point
    viii) Click on Next, Next and follow other steps also.

    System Repair:-

    If you are getting Windows error code, error messages, programs or applications are unable to run, system shut down automatically then system repair is required to repair the missing or damaged files of the system. follow the given steps to system restore which are below-

    i) Insert Windows DVD 
    ii) restart the system
    iii) press f8 until a black screen with some options not appears on the system screen
    iv) Select System repair
    v) it will take some time to processing then system files will repaired successfully.

    Sometime due some setting changes or file missing system not responding and gives an error while accessing the application or software so in that situation system restore or system repair play a good role. There are so many tools also available in market to solve these issues but the manual steps are free, genuine and working well. It may be that you have purchase a software to overcome the system problem but it not working well and due to this issue you are frustrated.


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