• Saturday, October 18, 2014

    Steps to hide and Show hidden files or folders

    Windows operating system provide the option of hidden files or folders which will help the users to show or hide according to their requirement. It provides the security of the data by hiding from other user. Sometime we create some folders or files which has secured information of data which must not shown to others so in such case we lock folder or file. We can also set that hide the folder from drive to make it invisible.

    Why use this option?

    Use this option because it secure your data. As we know that computer is becoming the part of our life and now a days data is saved in computer so it is must to save it from hackers or cyber criminals.

     To do this activity you have to follow the given steps-

    i) Select the file then right click and select properties.
    ii) You will get the box with description of the file and also a check box named "hidden"
    iii) Check on this check box and click on Apply then OK
    iv) Refresh the page, now the file is hidden

    Show hidden files or folders:

    If you want to show hidden files or folders then you have to follow the given steps –
    i) Click on Start, Control Panel
    ii) All Control Panel Items
    iii) Folder Options

    iv) You will get the box with more tabs (General, View and Search)

    v) Click on the View tab and go to the option "Hidden files and folders"

    vi) Click on the radio button :Show hidden files folders and drivers"

    vii) Click on Apply then OK

    If you will follow the above given steps then you can hide and also Show hidden files and folders. Sometime we need to hide the data from other users. When the data or file is hidden no one can know about the file which is hidden. When anyone will open the folder the hidden file will not open or visualize.


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