• Monday, July 27, 2015

    Why should we learn computer

    Why should we learn computer?

    We must learn computer because it is becoming the part of the life and it has changed the world.  
    Computer can do the works easily and faster than human. It works with  
    Accuracy and diligence and never tired. Now a day’s computer is used in every field such as banking, retail, Education, marketing etc. Computer is helping to develop the future of individual and also the world. We can say that computer has changed the world and playing a vital role in the developing a country. Due to computer people connects with peoples, organization, companies which are far from them and also making money online, knowing the business policy, strategy etc. It will not bad to say that there is no life without computer knowledge because every where you go computer exist. School, college, office, home, shops any where.

    Advantages of computer which making it popular

    There are so many advantages which making the computer more and more popular-

    i) It works with accuracy and never tired
    ii) It is more faster than human.
    iii) Save the time


    As we know that every thing of the world has advantages and disadvantages both but the matter is which is more exist. Computer has no feeling or sense like human and it can't do anything with itself. It depends on human instructions or inputs.

    What about social media?

    Social media is playing a main role to inform us news, details of friends, relatives and we can also  
    Share audio, video, pictures etc. We can connect to the peoples which are far from us and also know the business information etc.  Some of the most used social media are Facebook, twitter, linked in, YouTube etc. Facebook has nearly 400 Million active users and adding ½ Million new users daily.

    Role of Social Media ?

    Social media is becoming the main junction for advertisers and also for publishers. Since we are connecting to internet day by day so it is also becoming the craze of advertising.  Before 5 to 10 years companies using radio, television, newspaper but these days social media has got more chances to advertise. People use Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc to connect to relatives and friends or organizations or companies site so publishers post ads, information on these sites to make viral. The main advantages is if any user like or share the post then it is forwarded to his/her friends or publicly posted.


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