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    Know about keyboard keys and their function

    Every computer user use Keyboard to give input to the system and also know that keyboard is the comnination of different keys which has specific job. According to the task there are five types of keys-

    i) Alpha Keys

    As its name suggest Alpha Key so it is easy to understand about such keys and their use. Computer is using to solve our day to day problems and we create text, document, resume etc.  Alpha Keys are used to give the instruction in the form of alphabet or character such as a to z (Small letter )and A to Z(Capital letter) to make such document or also to give the command to the system which are based of alphabet. When a child start study of English, he/she first learn alphabet because it is the main key of English Langauage.

    ii) Nemeric Keys

    Numeric Keys are used to give the instruction as numbers (0 to 9). As we know that numbers are used for calculation or mathematical operations so numeric keys play important role to give instructions to the system. Since all numbers (natural or prime numbers) are written from 0 to 9 so the keyboard has also ten buttons (0-9) to accomplish this activity.

    iii) Functional Keys

    Function Keys are listed above alpha keys and used to perform special functions such as comlile, debug, help, reboot, rename etc. Sometime it is used with some other key to perform additional job such as if you use alt +f4, it provide the option to system shut down. There are twelve (12) function key in keyboard from f1 to f12. All keys have special command or functions. As for example

     f1 is used for help while you are working on a program

     f2 for rename file or folder. Select the file or folder then press this key to rename

     f3 is used to find files window when you are working

    f4 is used to open address bar when working on internet explorer and also used to shut down system or close recently open program one by one by pressing with alt key.(alt+f4)

    f5 key is used to refresh the web page to view that you are using the current version

    It move the cursor around the program or application. The most use when you are working on internet explorer or firefox it helps to go to address bar.

    It has no basically used in Windows but used in some individual program.

    This key is used to boot the system and speciall used while formatting the system or accessing the system BIOS.


    Activate menu bar in program.

    Press this key when you need to change the screen in full screen mode.


    iv) Special Keys 

    Special keys are used to perform special tasks and used with other key such as Shift, tab, ctrl, alt etc.
    This key is used with other key to use the special command. If you press shift +a, it will print Capital A.
    This is used to run program or change the new line.
    Caps lock
    Change the alphabet in capital letter 
    Used for space or switch from one program to another (alt+tab)
    Erase or delete data from end of the text 
    prt sc
    As its name suggest it is used to get the screen shot of the page. 
    Always used with other key to give special command or instruction.
    Used with other key to give a special command to the system 
    Window key
    This key start the programs of installed software or applications. 
    It is used to delete the text or selected word, document or file.
    page up
    As its name suggest it is used to place the cursor up of the current page location
    page down
    This is the opposite of page up so it down the cursor from the current page location to down page

    v) Navigation Keys:

    Navigation keys are used to navigate or moving around document or web page. There are four Navigation keys which are left, right, up and down.


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