• Thursday, October 23, 2014

    Steps to use free antivirus Windows defender

    As we know that virus, malware, spyware, Trojan, adware etc injects in the system and damage system files and also change the settings of the system files, steal the personal and secured data of the system to send to the hackers or its developer so we must try to save the system from such type of malicious programs. Microsoft has provided Windows defender antispyware program to protect your Windows system so you can use this tool which is located in Control Panel.

    Follow the given steps to use free antivirus Windows defender-

    i)    Click on Start button then go to Control Panel
    ii)    All Control Panel Items
    iii)    You will get more option related to the system so go to the Windows Defender and right click
    iv)    Select the option "Create Shortcut"
    v)    Go to the desktop, you will get that the Windows defender icon

    Now you have to double click on this option to open or run but it is required that it must be updated because if you update then it will download the latest and new features to protect the system from the latest and new malware, spyware, virus and other malicious programs. Most of the beginners of the system, download free antivirus to secure the system but for their kind information free software are used by hackers or cyber criminals to hack or steal the information of the system and allow remote users to access the system for their malicious purpose so never download free software from duplicate or untrusted websites.

     Go to the trusted and original website to download the software, the best option is to use the Microsoft Website to download the software like Microsoft Windows defender, Microsoft Security Essential etc. After downloading, update the software because when you update it will install new updates from the website to protect the system from the malicious programs like worms, Trojan, Virus, Spyware, Malware etc.

    These days it is becoming the panic situation when hacker hack the system or its important data, privacy items so every user should use antivirus which is trusted and certified. Windows Defender is the inbuilt with Windows OS so it is trusted and work well.

    Most of the users use paid antivirus because they don't faith on free software but for their kind information I want to declare that if you are using licensed version of Windows and update time to time then Windows Defender can also play the best role to protect the system from unwanted programs.


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