• Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Windows firewall and its importance

    Windows Firewall is a software or hardware used to protect the system from malicious programs injection while you are surfing on internet. On this web page you will get the details of Windows firewall and its importance. it is a middle-ware part of your system and internet which protect from attack of virus, Trojan, malware etc.

    If you use internet then must turn on Windows firewall but if you are updating Windows then stop firewall because it can stop Windows update. Follow the steps to start or turn on firewall-

    i) Click on Start, Control Panel

    ii) Click on System and Security

    iii) Click on Windows Firewall

    iv) In the left side you will get the option "Turn Windows firewall on or off"

    *** The protection with Firewall is shown in the below picture which will help you to understand the Windows firewall and its importance.

    Since these days cyber crime and hacking is in the boom and system security is becoming anxious 


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